8 INSPIRE NEW WORK/WELL-BEING 2022 NEWWORK Arbeiten mit demWell-Being-Effekt – Das Büro als Hotel, Sehnsuchtsort, Ideengenerator und Wellnessoase QUARTIERSBEISPIELE Eleven Decks in Hamburg und Derzbachhof in München HOMEOFFICE Kitchen Office – Küchen wandeln sich zu professionellen Arbeitsplätzen und umgekehrt © photoprop, Frank Dora, Wuppertal INSPIRE INTERIOR DESIGN THEMED MAGAZINE Thrice a year, CUBE Inspire focuses on a topic of particular interest to architects and interior designers. Since the first issue of CUBE Inspire in 2017, the topics covered on 32 to 40 pages have included design radiators, acoustics, smart home, wellness and spa, windows and doors, and New work. As a supplement to the 9 CUBE metropolitan issues, CUBE Inspire is sent by direct postal delivery to architects and interior designers. CUBE Inspire is an excellent opportunity for brand manufacturers from the respective subject area to showcase their expertise and product innovations in a specially tailored editorial environment. Online viewing copy here: LESERSCHAFT Architects and interior designers and regional office furniture retail CIRCULATION 12,000 copies FREQUENCY OF PUBLICATION 3 times a year AREA OF PUBLICATION Nationwide and Vienna PRINT MATERIAL DEADLINE 14 days before publication COPY FORMAT 210 x 297mm TOPICS IN 2023 1st issue (April) New work I 2nd issue (July) Bath and wellness 3rd issue (December) New Work II DISTRIBUTION Direct postal delivery to 12,000 architects and interior designers PRICES* Advertisement/Placement Price in EUR 1 Inside 1/2 page advert (portrait or landscape) 2,500 1/1 page advert/advertorial 3 3,600 2/1 pages advertorial 3 5,300 Special placements 2 1/1 advert 2nd or 3rd cover page 2 3,900 1/1 advert 4th cover page 2 4,400 Supplement (bis max. 30 g, Format max. 290 x 200mm) 3,600 Combinations of CUBE Inspire and metropolitan magazines Combi 1: 1/1 advert in CUBE Inspire + 1/2 product PR in all 9 regional CUBE magazines 5,400 Combi 2: 1/2 advert in CUBE Inspire + 1/2 product PR in all 9 regional CUBE magazines 3,600 Advertising formats see page 9 1 All prices in EUR plus VAT. Commissioned advertising agencies and advert-ising mediators are granted an intermediary commission of 15% on top of the possibly discounted (quan-tity/combination discount) net price. 2 If still available 3 Including design of the basic layout; copyright-free photo material and text information must be provide by the customer. DATES OF PUBLICATION Spring issue 01/2023 (NewWork I) AD: PD: DP: 20.03.23 27.03.23 18.04.23 Summer issue 02/2023 (Bath and Wellness) AD: PD: DP: 06.06.23 13.06.23 04.07.23 Winter issue 03/2023 (NewWork II) AD: PD: DP: 21.11.23 28.11.23 12.12.23 AD = Advertising deadline PD = Print material deadline DP = Date of publication * Prices listed are subject to change. The publisher reseives the right to adjust prices if important conditions, such so printing prices, change.