6 SELECT READERSHIP High-income individuals and architecture professionals CIRCULATION 12,000 copies FREQUENCY OF PUBLICATION 4 times a year AREA OF PUBLICATION Germany-wide and Vienna PRINT MATERIAL DEADLINE In each case 14 days before publication of the issue RETAIL PRICE PER COPY EUR 6.50 , EUR 32.00 in annual subscription (incl. VAT and shipping costs within Germany)1 COPY FORMAT 230 x 297mm DISTRIBUTION (a) Magazine retailers, stations and airport bookstores, subscription DISTRIBUTION (b) Direct mailing to owners of the 850 top residential architecture and interior design offices in Germany and Austria 1 Foreign prices upon request NATIONWIDE PREMIUM MAGAZINE CUBE Select presents a selection of high-quality residential architecture and interior design projects from the 9 metropolitan magazines four times a year. The magazine is aimed at private individuals who are interested in the core topics of exclusive living and modern architecture. CUBE Select is distributed nationwide in upscale press outlets, in station and airport bookstores and by subscription. It is also sent by mail to the owners of 850 top residential architecture and interior design firms in Germany and Austria. Online viewing copy here: Advertisement/Placement Price in EUR 1 Quantity discount 2 (following discounts will be granted for multiple bookings of several CUBE Select issues within 12 months) 1/2 page advert (portrait or landscape) 2,300 2 adverts 4% 1/1 page advert/advertorial 4,400 3 adverts 6% 2/1 pages advert/advertorial 5,600 4 adverts 8% 1/1 advert 2nd or 3rd cover page 3 4,900 1/1 advert back cover 3 5,500 Supplements a.) Supplement complete issue (weight up to 30 g, max. format 220 x 290mm) 4,400 b.) Supplement top 850 architects and interior designers (weight up to max. 200g, max. format 213 x 297mm) 5,500 PRICES* Advertising formats see page 9 DATES OF PUBLICATION Spring issue Summer issue Autumn issue Winter issue CUBE SELECT AD: PD: DP: 20.03.23 27.03.23 18.04.23 AD: PD: DP: 05.06.23 12.06.23 04.07.23 AD: PD: DP: 04.09.23 11.09.23 03.10.23 AD: PD: DP: 20.11.23 27.11.23 19.12.23 AD = Advertising deadline, PD = Print material deadline, DP = date of publication 1 All prices plus VAT 2 Commissioned advertising agencies and advertising mediators are granted an intermediary commission of 15 % on top of the possibly discounted (quantity/combination discount) net price. 3 If available * Prices listed are subject to change. The publisher reseives the right to adjust prices if important conditions, such so printing prices, change.